Reactome: A Curated Pathway Database

Plant Reactome Team

Development of the Plant Reactome website, data model and data analysis tools is a result of the concerted work of a team of curators and developers.

Current members

Oregon State University

  • Pankaj Jaiswal (PI)
  • Sushma Naithani (Curation and outreach)
  • Parul Gupta (Curation)
  • Justin Preece (Software development and database management)


  • Doreen Ware (PI)
  • Marcela Monaco

Reactome Project
Ontario Institute for Cancer Research

  • Lincoln Stein (Human Reactome project PI)
  • Guanming Wu
  • Robin Haw
  • Joel Weiser


  • Peter D’Eustachio (Curation mentor and outreach)


  • Henning Hermjakob
  • Antonio Fabregat
  • Florian Korninger

Former members:

  • Palitha Dharmawardhana (Curation and coordination)
  • Vindhya Amarasinghe (Curation)
  • Dylan Beorchia (Undergraduate student curator)
  • Kindra Amoss (Undergraduate student curator)